Homebrew Blogs
Bear Flavored - Homebrewer turned commercial. Great resource for fruit-forward IPAs and quick-sour goses and berliner weisses.
The Mad Fermentationist - The man, the myth, the legend. Great resource for all kinds of sour beers, and some awesome thoughts on hoppy beers too.
Brülosophy - Question everything, for homebrewers.
Ales of the Riverwards - Some great thoughts on farmhouse style beers, especially with brettanomyces.
Braukaiser - German beers? Go here. Maintains a great wiki with all you could ever want to know about decoction mashes and why being precise and orderly is the proper thing to do.
Brouwerij Chugach - The king of the barrel-aged sours. Seriously. This guy has (had? I think he moved recently) approximately 9 million barrels full of lambics and lambic-like beers stashed in his basement. Plus he posts tasty recipes once in a while.

Homebrew Boards
/r/Homebrewing - Where I usually hang out and talk beer. My handle is /u/digitalanalog
Home-brew Talk - A great resource for home brewers
Milk The Funk - Facebook group full of funky brewers extraordinaire. They also maintain a great wiki.

Favorite Homebrew Books
The Complete Joy of Homebrewing - The gold standard beginner through intermediate book
Designing Great Beers - Ready to invent your own recipes? This is a great guide to doing so.
IPA - If you want to brew hoppy beers, this is a great combo of history and how-to, from the brewmaster of Stone
American Sour Beers - If you love funky beers, this book will teach you how to brew them
Farmhouse Ales - A great primer on farmhouse beers, where they come from, and how to make them

Other Helpful Resources
Beersmith - Excellent piece of brewing software and some great recipe reviews
Brew Your Own - Great homebrew magazine. Some good recipes and nice in depth articles.
Zymurgy - Another great homebrew magazine courtesy of the American Homebrewers Association
Brewers Friend - Some free brewing calculators (I love the mash chemistry and brewing water calculator)

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